Taeyoung Engineering


R&D Lab

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Core Competence

We provide the best solution based on many years of experience in developing precision machined parts.

In the R&D center, specialized researchers develop and produce precision aircraft and jig fixture parts, and provide optimized solutions to customers by utilizing years of design experience and accumulated technology and CATIA Platform.

NC Programmers create NC programs for various equipment such as lathe and MCT (3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis) machining, and optimizes machining and creates stable programs by using machine simulation analysis tools.

Patent Patent
  • Patent No. 10-0904766 (Fine Dimension Control Step Cutter)
  • Patent No. 10-1178342 (Auto-chamfer)
  • CAD/CAM-based machining technology (CATIA V5)
  • Analysis using CAD/CAM system
  • Jig & Fixture development (design)
  • NC Programming